Virtual Congress - BHRM 2020 

This year is full of uncertainties and, more than ever, we wanted to keep bringing together healthcare professionals working in the field of cardiology to exchange and share experiences and research results on all aspects of clinical rhythmology.

All the sessions will be live streamed on Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd. They will also be available until the end of November 2020 on the BeHRA virtual booth. 

Rhythmology did not stop with the Pandemic! 


 to the first virtual edition of the Belgian Heart Rhythm Meeting,
“Arrhythmias for every Cardiologist” !

Accreditations - BHRM 2020

This year, both INAMI and radioprotection accreditation, will be given to the virtual participants.

Please note that  a procedure was created to ensure that accredited individuals actually attended the conference.

First of all, we will have to monitor your login time.

 We can include you in the INAMI accreditation list only if you have followed at least 80% of all live sessions, and in the list for FANC if you have been connected 80% of the time to the live radiatioprotection session.

In addition, you will receive a small post-event survey which you will have to answer.

Watching the sessions after the congress won't give you the opportunity to be accredited. 

Thank you for your understanding.

RIZIV-INAMI Ethics/Economy: 2 credits

Day1- 1 credit

Day 2- 1 credit

RIZIV-INAMI Cardiology: 10 credits

Day 1- 5 credits

Day 2- 5 credits

FANC-AFCN: 2 hours (Day 2)

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