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ECG Contest

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  • CPR is performed in simulation and according to the current guidelines 'Basal resuscitation of adults' by the European Resuscitation Council (ERC). ​​

  • A maximum of 36 couples can participate. The order of appearance will be determined by drawing lots. 

  • A couple consists of two participants who must be registered by 11/10/2023 through the dedicated registration platform 

  • Registration is only possible as a couple consisting of two participants. 

  • The registration is free of charge.

  • Prior to the participation, the couple may not attend the BLS competition or inform themselves in any otherwise be aware of matters concerning the BLS competition (under penalty of exclusion). 

  • The caseload shall be similar for all participating couples. 

  • Participating couples will be given two pocket masks prior to the competition to be used during  the scenario to be used. 


We invite you to contribute original wearable patch based ECG traces that enabled innovative diagnoses, and were particularly helpful in patient management. Submissions will be judged based on originality of use of ECG patches and patient-related outcomes.


Submit your tracing with a short abstract (15 line maximum) to present the clinical context of the recording and how it changed the patient management. Any tracing is eligible, as long it can also be obtained through a patch solution. Registrants can be provided with a remote cardiac monitoring solution for free to generate ECG tracings (24h Flow by Byteflies).
For more information or to register, contact us at


The platform for abstract submission will be opened from April to June 2024.
The best five tracings will be presented during a dedicated session during BHRM 2024.
The public will vote for the 3 best presentations.


1st place: 15 uses of 24h Flow + free registration to BHRM 2025
2nd place: 10 uses of 24h Flow + free registration to BHRM 2025
3rd place: 5 uses of 24h Flow + free registration to BHRM 2025

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