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Committee of the Belgian Heart Rhythm Meeting 2024

Discover more about the BeHRA and BHRM 2024 Scientific Committee



Created in 1980, the BeHRA (Belgian Heart Rhythm Association) is a working group of the Belgian Society of Cardiology that brings together Belgian cardiologists who specialise in training cardiac rhythm disorders. 

The mission of the BeHRA consists in promoting the study and development cardiac stimulation, electrophysiology and cardiac rhythmology in the broader sense by organising scientific meetings, exchanging information and supporting fundamental and clinical reasearch. 

Programme Committee

Dr I. Blankoff, Dr G.H. Mairesse, Dr M. Goethals,

Dr H. Van Herendael, Dr J. Vijgen, Dr S. Knecht

Organising Committee

Dr I. Blankoff, Dr G.H. Mairesse, Dr M. Goethals,

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Scientific Committee BHRM 2024

Wim Anné, Roeselare
Ivan Blankoff, Charleroi
Dominique Blommaert, Yvoir
Tim Boussy, Kortrijk
Gian-Battista Chierchia, Brussels
Ben Corteville, Ghent
Yves De Greef, Antwerp
Alexandre Delcour, Liège
Carlo de Asmundis, Brussels
Antoine de Meester, Jolimont
Grim De Meyer, Aalst
Tom De Potter, Aalst
Hans de Wilde, Ghent/Brussels
Mattias Duytschaever, Bruges
Joris Ector, Leuven
Philippe Evrard, Liège
Christophe Garweg, Leuven
Marnix Goethals, Pelt
Peter Goethals, Brussels
Hein Heidbüchel, Antwerp
Jean-Manuel Herzet, Liège
Wim Huybrechts, Antwerp
Luc Jordaens, Ghent/Brussels
Sébastien Knecht, Bruges
Pieter Koopman, Hasselt
Caroline Lepièce, Jolimont
J-B Le Polain de Waroux, Bruges
Georges H. Mairesse, Arlon
Pieter Martens, Genk
Dieter Nuyens, Genk
Peter Pollet, Roeselare
Frank Provenier, Ghent
Christophe Scavée, Brussels
Bruno Schwagten, Antwerp
René Tavernier, Bruges
Liesbeth Timmers, Ghent
Lieve Van Casteren, Liège
Hugo Van Herendael, Genk
Frederic Van Heuverswyn, Ghent
Yves Vandekerckhove, Bruges
Philippe Vanduynhoven, Sint-Amandsberg
Thierry Verbeet, Brussels
Johan Vijgen, Hasselt
Aurélien Wauters, Ottignies
Rik Willems, Leuven
Michael Wolf, Antwerp


Contact the Secretariat

BHRM Organising Secretariat


Downtown Europe - Professional Congress Organisers

C/O Belgian Heart Rhythm Meeting - BeHra

Av. AJ Slegers 397/2, 1200 - Brussels, Belgium

Opening hours : Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm

RPM : 0443.930.693

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