Belgian Heart Rhythm Meeting
BHRM 2018
Our BHRM 2018 medias !


Tijdschrift voor Cardiologie / Journal de Cardiologie

The Journal of Cardiology is written by and for cardiologists and aims to keep the finger on the pulse of everyday practice in the world of cardiology.

To achieve this goal, the Journal publishes articles about ongoing trials or their results in a comprehensive and “ready-to-use” way. There are also case studies and images about rare or unusual heart problems. State-of-affair articles address the current status and treatment of certain cardiological issues and congress reports give a “hot of the press” review on the latest results of cardiological research.

The authors’ articles are reviewed by the editors-in-chief who belong to the best of the Belgian cardio scene. They also write editorials for every issue that explore specific issues for the Belgian cardiologist, like the impact of political decisions on their work or the challenges a cardiologist faces now and in the future.

This approach is fruitful as the Journal of Cardiology has become a leading specialised magazine, highly appreciated bij its professional readers.


MediQuality is the leading “On-line physician community” and digital media for healthcare professionals (HCP) in Belgium and Luxembourg.

As digital media, MediQuality produces different kind of contents for its members: actuality/news for HCP every day and medical information selected from a network or sources and/or produced by its editorial team. MediQuality also provides numerous medical congresses reports.

As online community, MediQuality receives spontaneous contributions from key stakeholders and generates interactions between its members being the place where discussions between HCPs happen.

Every healthcare professional can become member of MediQuality for free.