Belgian Heart Rhythm Meeting
BHRM 2018
Prof Dominique Blommaert
CHU Dinant-Godinne

Professor Dominique Blommaert is cardiologist in the field of electrophysiology, pacemaker and ICD in CHU UCL Namur since 1996. He is member of a multidisciplinary team for evaluation and treatment of syncope. He has published clinical research for arrhythmia, syncope and pacemaker.
Prof Giuseppe Boriani
Professor of Cardiology
University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Professor in Cardiology at the University of Modena, Reggio Emilia, PhD, FESC, FEHRA, is a former member of the board of EHRA, with scientific activity dedicated to cardiac arrhythmias and electrophysiology (drugs and devices), heart failure, clinical pharmacology, health economics. He is member of the Editorial board of EHJ and EJHF.
Prof Johannes Brachmann
Chief of Cardiology
Klinikum Coburg

Professor Johannes Brachmann became in February 1998 Chief of Cardiology, II. Med. Hospital Klinikum Coburg. He taught at hospital of the University of Würzburg. Since 1985, he has been involved in more than 50 clinical studies, mostly in the area of cardiac electrophysiology (antiarrhythmics, ICD, PM) and interventional cardiology (stents, atherectomy). He is a principal investigator in several multicenter studies on arrhythmias and coronary intervention. Since January 2017, he is leader of the Medical Boards REGIOMED-KLINIKEN, Director, REGIOMED Centrum for Cardiology and Angiology and he is part of the Executive Committee Medical School REGIOMED.
Dr Nikolaos Dagres
Consultant Electrophysiologist
Heart Center Leipzig

Doctor Nikolaos Dagres is Consultant Electrophysiologist at the Heart Center Leipzig in Germany and member of the board of the European Heart Rhythm Association. He has recently chaired the EHRA/HRS/APHRS/LAHRS expert consensus document on cognitive function in atrial fibrillation. He is also chair of the ESC atrial fibrillation ablation long-term registry.
Dr Jan De Potter
UZ Gent

Jan De Pooter graduated as cardiologist at the University of Ghent in 2015. He continued his education with a fellowship in cardiac electrophysiology at the University hospital of Ghent (2016-2017) and AZ Sint-Jan Bruges (2017-2018). In 2018 he defended successfully his PhD: An electrocardiographic study in patients eligible for CRT”. His clinical and scientific work focuses on general electrophysiology and cardiac pacing, with special interest in electrocardiography, innovative pacing strategies and mapping and ablation of atrial arrhythmias. He is co-author of the ECG-book: “ECG uit of in het hoofd”.
Dr Philippe Debruyne
Imeldaziekenhuis, Bonheiden

Philippe Debruyne is an electrophysiologist and interventional cardiologist, and has been based at Imeldaziekenhuis since 2002. He is Head of the electrophysiology and research departments, and he specializes in complex ablation procedures. Dr. Debruyne has published papers on new mechanisms of arrhythmia, and has invented a novel treatment modality for syncope and inappropriate functional bradycardia, called cardio-neuromodulation.
Prof Laurent Fauchier
CHU Trousseau

Laurent Fauchier, MD, PhD, is Professor of Cardiology and works in the Cardiology and Electrophysiology Department at the Trousseau University Hospital, Tours, France. Prof. Fauchier has interest in several fields of cardiology: clinical electrophysiology, risk stratification in atrial fibrillation, prevention of sudden death, cardiac pacing and defibrillation, radiofrequency ablation of arrhythmias, cardiomyopathy and heart failure, cardiovascular drugs evaluation. He is fellow of the European society of Cardiology, President Elect of the Working Group on Pacing and Arrhythmias of the French Society of Cardiology and he has worked on the writing of task force documents in Europe.
Prof Olivier Hanon
Broca Hospital Paris

Olivier Hanon is professor in Geriatrics, at the University Paris Descartes (Paris 5). He is at the Head of Geriatrics Department in Broca Hospital (Paris). Between 2012 and 2015, he was president of the French Society of Gerontology and of Geriatrics. He is currently president of the Geronto-pole of Ile de France, and director of research of the EA 4478 INSERM unit (Paris). Cardiovascular ageing and frailty are his main topics of research. Moreover, he is a coordinator of French guidelines concerning the management of atrial fibrillation in the elderly. Professor Olivier Hanon is the author of 229 publications.

Prof Hein Heidbüchel
Chair of Cardiology
UZ Antwerpen

Professor Hein Heidbuchel graduated as MD in 1986 and obtained a PhD in Physiology in 1992. He worked as Research Fellow of the NIH and Fogarty International at the University of Oklahoma (1993–1994) and was Fundamental Clinical Investigator of the Fund for Scientific Research Flanders from 1996 till 2006.
He started as Professor of Cardiology – Arrhythmology at the University of Leuven, Belgium in 1994. In October 2016, he became the Chair of Cardiology at Antwerp University. He is President of the European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA) for a 2018-2020 term.
He has published over 250 papers in international peer-reviewed journals.
Prof Carsten W. Israel
Chief of Cardiology

Chief of Cardiology, Bethel-Clinic Bielefeld, Germany, since 2009, Professor Carsten W. Israel is consultant and Master Teacher at Frankfurt University 1999-2009. He was a student, intern and resident at Bochum University 1992-1999. He was speaker of Working Group on Arrhythmias of the German Cardiac Society, and  member of EHRA Educational and Nomination Committees, Board of World Society of Arrhythmia (WSA). He is Associate Editor of EUROPACE, Editor of Herzschrittmachertherapie & Elektrophysiologie since 2007.  He is the coauthor of guidelines and scientific statements on pacing, ICDs, CRT, atrial fibrillation and LAA occluders.
Dr Reinoud Knops
Academic Medical Center Amsterdam

Doctor Reinoud Knops works as a Cardiologist/Electrophysiologist at the Department of Cardiology and Electrophysiology from the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam.
He specialises in Cardiac Rhythm Management with a primary focus on Leadless Pacing, Subcutaneous ICD’s and Lead Extractions.
Dr Pieter Koopman
Jessa Ziekenhuis, Hartcentrum Hasselt

Doctor Koopman works at Jessa Hospital in Hasselt as a cardiologist-electrophysiologist, with a special interest in ablation of complex anterior chamber rhythms. In addition, he trained in sports medicine and cardiogenetics, for which he is also affiliated with the AZ Maastricht. 
Prof Patrizio Lancellotti
CHU de Liège

Professor Patrizio Lancelloti is professor of Cardiology at University of Liège, CHU Sart Tilman, Liège. He is also Director of the Cardiologist Intensive Unit at University Hospital of Liège and head of the Echocardiography Laboratory. He performes as the Heart Valve Clinic Director of the GIGA (Cardiovascular Sciences Research Programme at the University of Liège, Belgium).
Prof Jean-Benoit Le Polain de Waroux
Cliniques Universitaires St Luc

I would define myself as an enthusiastic cardiologist specialized in clinical rythmology, electrophysiology and cardiac devices. I trained in UCL and did my fellowship in Montreal.
Prof Francisco Leyva

Francisco Leyva is Professor of Cardiology at Aston Medical School and a Consultant Cardiologist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, UK. His specialist interests include electrophysiology, cardiac device therapy, heart failure and cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging. He has been a clinical advisor to NICE on guidelines for Heart Failure and Cardiac Devices. He has published extensively in the field of cardiac device therapy, cardiovascular magnetic resonance and cardiomyopathies.
Prof Gregory Lip
University of Birmingham

Gregory Lip is Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at the University of Birmingham, UK. He has a major interest into the epidemiology of atrial fibrillation (AF), as well as the pathophysiology of thromboembolism in this arrhythmia.
Prof Roland Stroobandt
UZ Gent - Gent University

Professor Stroobandt published extensively in the field of cardiac pacing and cardiac electrophysiology. He is the leading author of books such as “Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators: Step by Step”, “ECG From Basics to Essentials” and co-author of “Cardiac Pacemakers & Resynchronization” and the Dutch ECG book ”ECG uit of in het hoofd”.
Dr Frédéric Van Heuveerswyn
UZ Gent

Doctor Frédéric Van Heuverswyn is working at Ghent University Hospital since 2006 as interventional cardiologist and since 2008 as electrophysiologist. Since 2017, he is Head of Department of interventional cardiology and electrophysiology. He has a special interest in transvenous lead extractions.
Prof Thierry Verbeet
CHU Brugmann

Thierry Verbeet is at the head of the Department of Cardiology, CHU Brugmann. He is also Maître de Stage. He was the former President of the Behra and the former member of the College of cardiology.
Dr Johan Vijgen
Jessa Ziekenhuis

Chief of Electrophysiology of Heart Center Hasselt. He has a special interest in ablation of AT an VT, NOAC and ablation. 
Prof Rik Willems
UZ Leuven Vlaams

Rik Willems finished his specialization in Cardiology in 2002. After a fellowship in cardiac electrophysiology at the University of Calgary, Canada, he was appointed at the University Hospitals Leuven. In his clinical work he focuses on device therapy for cardiac arrhythmia. He is appointed professor at the KU Leuven. His research is focused on the non-invasive risk prediction of sudden cardiac death and the pathophysiology of atrial fibrillation.